This Motherhood Story

We are one week away from October 15, National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I’m teaming up with my friend, Liz, who writes over at Mommy Mannegren to help bring light this topic which is sadly still a taboo for many.

I met Liz through A Little Light online community, where we were learning more about online platforms. The metaphor used was that our blogs are a garden. If we are the gardener, what are we planting into our communities? It was a really convicting metaphor for me. My hope is that I’m planting a safe place for all of us to experience our grief alongside others.

Liz and I quickly connected knowing that we share similar blog topics. She is an amazing writer who pulls you right into the depths of her story. Once I began reading through her blog, I immediately felt a connection with her. This grieving parent club, the one that nobody asks to be a part of, instantly creates community between parents who have experienced the same loss.

Over the next week, we are dedicating our online platforms to a series called “This Motherhood Story.” This series will be a guided journal invitations leading up to October 15. We hope that you can engage in your grief and write your story, knowing that there is a community of us doing this together. Each day we will be posting the journal prompts on our instagram accounts, and we will be taking turns blogging through the prompts with you.

If we aren’t connected on instagram yet, I’d love to get to know you over there. Be sure to find Liz on instagram too.

While our series mainly focuses on the mother’s perspective, we hope that fathers will join in as well. I’m looking forward to connecting with you over the week, and I hope you will find moments of stillness within your grief as you work through the journalling prompts this week. We are here walking this journey with you.

Each day, we will be tackling a new journal prompt about grief and life after loss, and we encourage you to join us! Use the #thismotherhoodstory hashtag to share your journal prompts and help us build meaningful conversations about the reality of pregnancy loss! We don’t want you to miss out on any of these posts, so be sure to follow along on my Facebook and Instagram AND on Liz’s Facebook and Instagram.