Thank You For Year Two

Somehow another year has gone by and this space continues to grow. When I started blogging, the intent of this space was to share the fun things that my oldest daughter and I do at home. When life took many unexpected turns, it was really hard to keep writing about those fun activities because I didn’t have the energy or the effort to keep it up. The stories that I ended up publishing were a lot more raw and close to my heart. Thank you for being here to read our stories and allowing me to share my heart with you.

I’m very thankful for this ECE Mom community because without your support and encouragement, it would be a lot harder to make it through what I feel has been the hardest part of my life. Writing has kept my thoughts from spiralling and knowing that you’re on the other end has been a comfort. I think of you as my friends that I get to have a weekly coffee with. (I know it hasn’t been quite every week.) Even after two years, I still get nervous to push that “publish” button. Thank you for your continued “likes,” comments and private messages. It has been an honour to do life with you.

You have kept me smiling. Here are some of my favourite moments we have shared on Facebook this past year:

That time we compared the baby to a bag of french fries.
The time I shared my love of slurpees.
Thanks for being a part of our first family photo.
That time we played Wordless Wednesday.
The first day our preschooler did stuff and ate snack.
Your favourite TBT of the year.

These are your favourite posts form this past year:
5. The Story of My Miscarriages
4. I Wish It Was Just an April Fools’ Joke
3. Our Birth Story
2. The Brutal Truth of Pregnancy After Loss
1. Why My Daughter Will Never Do a Good Job

Thank you to each one of you for being here. It really does mean so much to me. Thanks for keeping this a safe space for each other to share as well. This ECE Mom community is the best. Now on to year three. We are publishing a book! (Yes, I think of us doing this together.) For those of you who missed the announcement on Facebook and Instagram, Chasing Light will be released in October! Let’s get this book into the hands of those that are on the continuous journey of healing after pregnancy loss.

chasing light

With Love and Light,