Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Activities

I’ve made it to week 25 in this pregnancy journey and finally back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost eight pounds, and it took until now to gain it back. My appetite is nearly back to normal, but I still have many aversions. Progress is slow, but I’m able to make it out of the house about twice per week during the day for about an hour. My time out of the house is usually reserved for my appointments and if I’m feeling well enough, I make it to pick Maliya up from preschool. The highlight of my week was getting out of the house for forty five minutes to go choose pumpkins with Maliya. This may have been our first family outing since June!

pumpkin patch
We didn’t make it out to the farm we visit annually as I wouldn’t have made the trip, but had just as much fun supporting local farmers close to home. I asked her, “What are some important things when choosing a pumpkin?” In her own words:
– That it’s heavy
– That the stem breaks off
– The colour, for peach-beige

She ran laps around the pumpkins, falsely choosing a pumpkin until finally making a decision on the one above. I guess it takes a while to find the perfect peach-beige pumpkin. Here she is using a piece of bark to get the dirt off of her prized pumpkin, but I reassured her that we could wash it when we got home. She wasn’t interested in choosing another one for carving, but decided to pick some mini pumpkins, and chose one specifically for the baby.

When we got home, Maliya got to work on washing the five pumpkins that she chose, ensuring that the dirt was off each one, and making sure that each pumpkin was dried afterwards.

Then the fun began as I set her up with a few activities. I unleashed my mega pack of permanent markers and away she went. “I drawed a rainbow of colours.”

“Look mom, I drawed you. See, there’s a bun in the back and all the messy hair in the front.” I’m glad our conversations about remaining honest are getting through to her.

Once her interest in colouring pumpkins started to fade, I brought out the tempera paints and this kept her long enough to get dinner made. We waited overnight for the pumpkin to dry, and as suspected, the paint began to peel. Maliya had fun washing the pumpkin again, this time watching the water change colour. We’ll be picking up some teal acrylic paint to display a teal pumpkin outside letting families know that we’ll have a candy alternative available, which of course, Maliya helped to package. (Stickers and crayons)

We’re looking forward to carving the pumpkins and baking the seeds. I’ll be posting Maliya’s pumpkin design choices to Facebook and Instagram.