My Little Princess Party Giveaway

The most recent birthday we had in our family included singing, dancing, story time, prizes, magical wishes and a special gift for our birthday girl. Guess how much time it took me to organize it? Five minutes thanks to My Little Princess Events! Like many four year old girls, our little one grew to love princesses, fairy tales and pretend play this past year. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called “Anna” these past few months and told I’m the sister, while my husband plays the role of King or Prince.

Our daughter often pretends to be at a big party, like coronation day or going to the ball, so we asked if that’s what she’d like to do for her birthday. When she lit up, I knew it was time to research bringing a real princess to her party. I found a few companies that service the Lower Mainland area and decided on My Little Princess Events for the ease of their website, testimonials and how personable they seemed. As an Early Childhood Educator, I also admired the fact that they’re the only company around that offers Super Hero parties. I appreciate it when gender stereotypes are broken and I see girls pretend to be Batman and Spiderman while the boys are the ones in the dresses. (I however, have a very stereotypical, princess loving four year old girl.)

my little princess events
With Frozen fever continuing at our house, I knew I had to see if Queen Elsa herself was available to visit from Arendelle for the day. She arrived punctually with a smile and suitcase full of goodies. The Queen invited everyone to come join her for story time and let each child come at their own pace. As you can see, our little one was immediately captured.

princess birthday party
The birthday girl got a special tiara and necklace as a gift from Queen Elsa. Queen Elsa also took the time to write a personalized happy birthday card to our daughter.

frozen birthday party
Queen Elsa invited everyone to a game of freeze, which was very appropriate to practice frozen powers. Every child was offered a chance to be the one with the frozen powers.

let it go
The highlight of the party was when Queen Elsa sang “Let it Go.” She invited everyone to sing along and this is where her professional singing and acting training really shined through. Many of our guests said to me afterwards, “I was trying to figure out if it was actually her singing, or just the recording.” It was Queen Elsa! A flawless performance without a vocal warmup!

kirsty provan
Following, Queen Elsa brought out her treasure box and each child got to choose a treasure. After each child chose their treasure, Queen Elsa invited everyone to make a wish with magic wishing dust.

my little princess party giveaway
Queen Elsa was great at reading the children and took a break from the scheduled events when the children needed. She was very personable, greeted all the children and adults and was flexible with the needs of our group.

ece mom
There was plenty of time for individual and group photos.

queen elsa
Before Queen Elsa had to leave, she gave our birthday girl the choice of one more song, Happy Birthday or A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. Our little one opted for Happy Birthday. Even when Queen Elsa had to leave, she still made time for our daughter’s questions and didn’t rush her goodbyes. There were plenty of hugs to go around. I’m sure our birthday girl would’ve gone back to Arendelle with Elsa if it were an option. That night our four year old asked me to call Elsa. When I said I didn’t have her phone number in Arendelle I was instructed to send her a text message.

We had such a positive experience with My Little Princess Events I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to team up with them for a giveaway. I loved that I could book online and wasn’t restricted to calling during regular business hours, because we all know as parents, that’s not always an easy task! After booking online, I received a call the next day from head princess, Kirsty Provan, to confirm our party. Everything from booking our date through to the end of the party was perfect.

My Little Princess Events would like to give you a chance to win a party! The winner will receive a choice of the “A Little Bit of Magic” or “Hero” package. My Little Princess Events also offers a variety of party add-on options like goodie bags, face painting or a bouncy castle! Here’s how to enter:
One entry for commenting on the Facebook thread that you have shared this post.
Two entries for commenting on the Facebook thread that you have shared this post and letting us know which princess/super hero you’d like to attend your party and why?

A winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 9:00pm PST. The party must be redeemed by December 31, 2016. My Little Princess Events services North Vancouver, Vancouver, Richmond and New Westminster, BC, Canada. Additional travel fees may apply for other cities.

We look forward to hearing about which princess/super hero you’d like to party with!