Marshmallow Madness

This little girl loves her treats.  Well, she loves food to begin with, but anything with sugar is sure to draw her in.  For dessert one night I thought I’d create an invitation to play with marshmallows, also a good opportunity for practicing fine motor skills.  I thought were the key words there.  Leave it up to your children to change any preconceived thought you had about anything!

marshmallow activity
Here’s the dessert invitation.  “What are those?” said with curiosity and enthusiasm as she grabbed a toothpick and began scribbling on the cutting board with it.  Shortly after, she took a marshmallow and ate it.

I joined a few marshmallows together using the toothpicks to see if it would give Maliya any ideas.  “What’s that? Should I eat it?”  As you can see, there was no interest in building or connecting, just Mommy making it harder for her to consume these marshmallows.  She put a few toothpicks on the board and told me “I’ll save those for later.”

marshmallow play
“Can I have more marshmallow?  Is it real?  Is it pretend?”  After eating another, she told me “no.”

eating marshmallow
They’re not pretend, they can in fact be eaten for real!


“Look at, Mommy” she instructed me, drawing my attention to the three marshmallows she attached to the toothpicks.  “I’m dancing” as she lifted a leg off the bench, “should I dance on the floor?”  Thankfully she knows her own limits (and mine,) with that, she ran off to play, with a belly full of marshmallows.

She had no interest in building, constructing, connecting or even poking for that matter.  She saw, she squished, she ate!  Was it too much to ask my three year old to make one of these before eating?

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