My Three Year Old Made Me Wear It

I am so very thankful for each one of you who read this blog.  You’ve sparked some great conversations and inspired many topics for me to write about, however, this is the first time I’ve been dared by one of you!  Now I could’ve just pretended that I didn’t see it, but I love you all, am so glad you’re here and value what each one of you have to say, even if it’s at my expense.

The dare was to let my three year old dress me for a week.  I did see this on another blog, so I want to give credit to that mama and site.  I wish I was brave enough to follow through as dared, but I didn’t have enough courage to go to work and try to act professional with random pieces of clothing on.  I mean, what if she wanted me to dress like her and go pantless?!  So, I made up my own rules (sorry) and decided to let her choose five of my outfits for the past few weekends.  Welcome to my first fashion blog.  (I can’t even type that with a straight face.)

Outfit 1: Black jeans, featuring a lovely florescent orange t-shirt that makes an annual appearance for sports day at work (go team orange), TNA sweater topped off with a blue toque to match the playground.  Oh, and let’s throw a purple pair of Converse in there to add more colour.

When we left the house, our neighbour was coming home from a run and greeted us without taking a double take.  Does she think I always dress like this?  No one at the park commented on my colour combination either.  I don’t normally dress like this, I promise!  The blue toque is now sitting in the donation pile, where it will hopefully never be matched with an orange shirt and purple shoes ever again.

Outfit 2: “Wear the letters, Mommy, and the orange shirt.”  Underneath my sweatshirt, I am in fact wearing the orange t-shirt again, along with the same pants and same shoes.  This outfit is close to something I’d wear, which I was thankful for because we were headed for church.

photo 1
Outfit 3: “Wear your orange shirt, Mommy” until she discovered I have a bright green one, which is another shirt that makes an annual appearance for work.  I told her I need a pair of sweatpants as I was on my way to physio, so she chose from the three pairs I had out.  “Green shoes to match your green shirt” I was told as I left the house.  The colour of my physio’s office is also green, which is what I highlighted to Maliya when I got home.

photo 2
Outfit 4: Adventures in the park in my Hurley sweatshirt, black jeans, and my Kangol hat.  All things I love, but don’t put together usually.  She also chose runners for me, which I don’t even know why I own, because I don’t run.  Underneath my sweatshirt is a green Canucks t-shirt.  Maliya was still all about the green.

photo 3
Final outfit: Made it to church in blue jeans, purple t-shirt, purple jacket and gray Converse.  I’m so thankful she didn’t choose the blue toque to “match” the blue jeans.

This was all out of my comfort zone and I was definitely nervous leaving the house, especially in bright orange, but it was a good way to practice giving up control.  Each time I asked her what top, what bottom, long sleeve or short sleeve, what colours, hair up or down, whether I should wear a hat or not, and which shoes to complete the outfit.  I nearly left for the park wearing the blue toque and a red visor, but thankfully she decided I didn’t need the visor after all.  (Brian was also thankful the visor got left behind.)

Thank you for the suggestion to let Maliya dress me.  It was a challenging task, and somewhat embarrassing.  (She tried to dress Daddy too, but that didn’t happen.)  I didn’t even have to justify my outfits by saying “my three year old made me wear it.”  I don’t know if that should be a concern or not?  Keep the suggestions coming, I may be crazy enough to follow through and write about it.

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