Gingerbread Girl

This year we decided not to give M. a Christmas gift.  What kind of parents are we?!  With her birthday being nine days after Christmas, she is showered with presents and gifts so this year I put effort into our advent calendar.

Each day leading up to Christmas, M. opened a book.  Well, almost everyday, some days we forgot, other days she wasn’t interested.  Some books were new, some thrifted and some right off her bookshelf, shhh, don’t tell her.  Last night we skipped the book opening and baked gingerbread.  To say she was excited was an understatement.  She pretty much took over!

baking gingerbread
She mixed all the contents together and kneaded the dough.  I showed her once the process of rolling the dough and using the cookie cutter and then she was doing it on her own.  All that playdough play paid off.  “I want to do it, Mommy.” “I can do it, Mommy,” and that she did.

Flour the board, flour the rolling pin, roll the dough, cut the shape, peel away the excess dough, she did it all.

Today we decorated all the gingerbread people.  “Look at all the different colours! There’s green, and blue, and purple and pink, and orange, and yellow.”

decorating gingerbread

As she began to see the bottom of the Smarties container, M. announced “that one doesn’t need Smarties,” then the next one, “I don’t think that one needs Smarties.”  I knew what she was up to and asked what she was going to do with all those Smarties.  No reply.  Then to test me and see my reaction she says “these are big people candies…” We trained her well!  I let her know that if she helped to finish decorating I’d let her eat some. “Can I eat some, Mommy” she asked practically bouncing.

Here we are as gingerbread, M., Brian and I.  I asked her where everything should go, and what colours to use, squiggly lines or straight ones, happy faces, mad faces or sad faces. “Happy faces, make them smile.”  She wasn’t interested in squirting out the icing and told me “you do it, Mommy.”

gingerbread men
M. managed to make herself, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Poh Poh and Jonah (our dog.)
Here’s all her effort, ready to be eaten as dessert after Christmas dinner.  To my surprise, my little gingerbread girl didn’t ask to eat one.  She did, however, enjoy her Smarties.  M. may or may not have added a little extra flavour to Grandpa gingerbread (ah-ah-chew!)  Eat with caution.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.