Easter Egg Dyeing Recipe

Our three year old has sensed that Easter is around the corner, not because we have told her, but because she’s seen chocolate bunnies in every store and in the flyers that we receive.  She had her first taste of chocolate last Easter and since then, she’s been a sugar addict!  Thankfully she is still a lover of fruits, carbs and milk.

I’ve incorporated some non sugary activities into our week including an invitation to shaving cream with foam eggs and egg dyeing.  This was the first time that I’ve dyed eggs with Maliya, and as a lover of EVERY colour, she was beyond excited to get started.  We sent Daddy to get groceries and set up to get messy.  I was actually quite lazy (or foolish) and didn’t give her a smock, or line our table or floor.

crayon easter egg
“I’m gonna do it wiss you, you can do this one.”  We started with crayons and she began to colour a little on each egg, but wasn’t able to get much colour on the eggs.  I’ll have to work some fine motor strengthening activities into our play.


IMG_0448I brought out my “mommy felts” and she had a great time with these, carefully taking off the cap, placing it on the back of the pen before colouring the eggs.  “When Daddy comes home, he can have blue.”  “Eeeeee, colourful!”  Before she coloured them, she brought each to her nose and smelled them.

easter egg dyeing
Here’s where I got super nervous because I’m a crazy lady who decided to put a preschooler and food colouring together with no layers of protection for humans, or furniture, or floors, or ceilings.  She began to stir the colours and I felt my anxiety creeping up and said “Be gentle with the eggs, give them a nice slow bath.”  Surprisingly, those words worked like magic, she so very gently picked up the eggs, placed it in the bowl (probably better than I would’ve) and used the spoon to bathe the eggs.  I think she was extremely impressed with her success because she ran a few laps around the table while singing head and shoulders knees and toes.

preschooler egg dying
Before long, she was done bathing her eggs and moved onto playing with the colours.  “Can I mix them?  I made green!”  And not long after that I had a panic attack and took all the dye away!

Easter egg dyeing recipe
Her bathed eggs.

We gave the eggs a bed of recycled construction paper grass and Maliya had fun rolling them around, burying them, and dropping them to see just how resilient the eggs were.

Our super simple recipe:
1 part food colouring
2 parts vinegar

Other supplies:
Hard boiled eggs (shells on)
Oil pastels
Permanent markers
Stickers for when the eggs are dry

This recipe dyes the eggs in seconds, which is perfect for a three year old’s (or thirty year old’s) attention span.  Have a colourful Easter.

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