Day 7: Your Motherhood Story

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month! This week leading up to October 15th, I am partnering with fellow loss mama and writer, Liz Mannegren, to help create discussion and raise awareness about this vitally important topic.

Journal Prompt: What does your motherhood story look like? Use the #thismotherhoodstory to share it with us! What do you want others to know about pregnancy loss?

Today is October 15, National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Though pregnancy loss happens to one four women, this topic is still not spoken about openly. After my first loss, I didn’t share it with anyone, and it tore me up inside. When I finally found the courage to share, many women said, “Me too.” If there are so many of us with a similar story, let’s continue to share so that new mothers going through pregnancy loss do not have to feel the isolation that so many of us felt.

I never imagined that my motherhood story would include carrying four babies, but only raising two. I don’t think any mother enters motherhood thinking about possible losses. When my husband and I decided to start a family, I was very naive, thinking we would get pregnant quickly, and bring home a baby. There was very little knowledge about the vast journey it would be from the positive pregnancy test to arriving home with a baby in our arms.

Our motherhood story may not look like how we planned or imagined, but it is still our motherhood story. This grief, the pregnancy losses, the bedridden pregnancy, and the postpartum depression make me the mother that I am. I used to think that I’m the mother I am in spite of the trials, but I am learning that I am growing into the mother I am because of those trials.

No matter what challenges you have faced in your motherhood journey, I pray that you have the courage to claim those as your badges. You are the incredible mama you are because of the challenges you have faced. May you continue to find beauty from ashes and share your motherhood story.

Thank you for joining us this week as Liz and I journaled our way through life after loss. Use the #thismotherhoodstory hashtag to share your journal prompts and help us build meaningful conversations about the reality of pregnancy loss! If you missed a post, you can still find them on my Facebook and Instagram AND on Liz’s Facebook and Instagram.

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