5 Activities With Chalk Markers

5 activities with chalk markers

This post is sponsored by Chalkola and contains affiliate links. My girls absolutely love any and all art activities. Sometimes it's difficult to find something that will keep both a six-year-old and a two-year-old engaged in a creative process. It's even more difficult to find something they won't fight over! I'm a fan of anything that can be open-ended with no right or wrong way to use the materials. The chalk markers by Chalkola have been keeping the girls busy for weeks! Here are five simple activities with chalk markers. 1) Drawing on Tiles There are days I struggle to...

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4 Tips for Toddler Bedtimes

4 tips for toddler bedtimes

Reader Question: What do I do when my 2 year old has a complete meltdown and he won’t communicate to tell me what’s wrong? Do I let him flail and cry it out, do I ask him questions? Use stern voice? Loving voice? (I sound like a bi-polar person switching). Distractions aren’t working. Soother wasn’t working. Eventually after 10 mins or so he took a bottle and calmed down. He was overtired. So the answer is to put him down BEFORE but what do I do when we miss that window?   Dear Mama Who Missed The Sleep Window, Thanks...

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Thank You for Year Three

ece mom

Dear Friends, Three years have passed since we have started this journey of sharing stories together. It has been quite the rollercoaster compared to year one and year two. Thanks for sticking around and sharing your stories alongside mine. This past year I have shared about my journey through postpartum depression, some stories about parenting, and about my diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. When I started this blog three years ago, my hope was it would be a place to share invitations to play that I did at home with my daughter. It has turned out to be quite the opposite....

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Thank You For Year Two


Somehow another year has gone by and this space continues to grow. When I started blogging, the intent of this space was to share the fun things that my oldest daughter and I do at home. When life took many unexpected turns, it was really hard to keep writing about those fun activities because I didn't have the energy or the effort to keep it up. The stories that I ended up publishing were a lot more raw and close to my heart. Thank you for being here to read our stories and allowing me to share my heart with you....

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Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Activities

I've made it to week 25 in this pregnancy journey and finally back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost eight pounds, and it took until now to gain it back. My appetite is nearly back to normal, but I still have many aversions. Progress is slow, but I'm able to make it out of the house about twice per week during the day for about an hour. My time out of the house is usually reserved for my appointments and if I'm feeling well enough, I make it to pick Maliya up from preschool. The highlight of my week was...

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The Art of Making Tang Yuan

tang yuan

One thing I love about fall is all the comfort food, the stews, slow cooked soups and Chinese soups. When my grandma makes traditional Chinese food, I can easily have two to three helpings and wish I had room in my stomach for more. One of the traditional foods I grew up eating was tang yuan or tong yoon (Cantonese pronunciation). It's simple to make and I was often at the side of my Poh Poh (Maternal Grandma) rolling the dough into balls. This week, my daughter and her Poh Poh continued a family tradition and made tang yuan together for...

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Thank You For Year One

thank you

I can't believe that it's been a year since the crazy idea of ecemom.com started. Thinking back to the conversation where this began, my husband, Brian, said that he wanted a new wallet, and I said, "Sure, if I can purchase a domain name." I wanted a space where I could share about our daughter, the activities that we did together and how my work as an early childhood educator influenced the way that I parented. Three hundred and sixty five days later, the voice of this blog is quite different, a place where I can really share my heart...

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Easter Egg Dyeing Recipe

Our three year old has sensed that Easter is around the corner, not because we have told her, but because she's seen chocolate bunnies in every store and in the flyers that we receive.  She had her first taste of chocolate last Easter and since then, she's been a sugar addict!  Thankfully she is still a lover of fruits, carbs and milk. I've incorporated some non sugary activities into our week including an invitation to shaving cream with foam eggs and egg dyeing.  This was the first time that I've dyed eggs with Maliya, and as a lover of EVERY...

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Child Led Play

After breakfast was eaten and the crumbs were swept, Into the closet, a little girl crept. She asked for red and yellow and blue, With painting on her mind, yes that's what she wanted to do. "Shall we paint outside" is what I asked, Socks and shoes, she made her own task. We grabbed the brushes, and canvas and paint. Out the door we headed, without a single complaint. The invitation to paint were all colours she chose, two brushes and small recycled wood pieces as her canvases. Without wasting a minute, Maliya came and began doing her thing.  She...

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Marshmallow Madness


This little girl loves her treats.  Well, she loves food to begin with, but anything with sugar is sure to draw her in.  For dessert one night I thought I'd create an invitation to play with marshmallows, also a good opportunity for practicing fine motor skills.  I thought were the key words there.  Leave it up to your children to change any preconceived thought you had about anything! Here's the dessert invitation.  "What are those?" said with curiosity and enthusiasm as she grabbed a toothpick and began scribbling on the cutting board with it.  Shortly after, she took a marshmallow and...

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