You’re Super Mom

super mom

Over the past few days, I’ve been chatting online with a fellow dancing mama.  We were discussing programs for our daughters, from dance to preschool and beyond.  I told her we only have Maliya in one program right now, and for the fall, probably preschool and one other.  She asked how I keep Maliya busy if she’s only in one program?  Since Maliya loves her sensory play, she’s constantly into something messy at home, paint, playdough, shaving cream, water beads, cornstarch goop, and more playdough.  In addition to that, we love walking around our neighbourhood, splashing in puddles, checking out...

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More Than Words


Brian picked up the guitar last week and started playing More Than Words by Extreme. Immediately, Maliya dropped what she was doing and asked "what's that song?"  It's one of those songs that we played back in the day, but neither of us could remember the chord progression passed the intro, so we pulled up the video for Maliya to hear the whole song.  She commented on their long hair.  I asked Brian if they were brothers, Maliya jumped in and replied "No, they're sisters!"  She also told me that "they have a hairband, sometimes boys have a hairband."  I told...

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Marshmallow Madness


This little girl loves her treats.  Well, she loves food to begin with, but anything with sugar is sure to draw her in.  For dessert one night I thought I'd create an invitation to play with marshmallows, also a good opportunity for practicing fine motor skills.  I thought were the key words there.  Leave it up to your children to change any preconceived thought you had about anything! Here's the dessert invitation.  "What are those?" said with curiosity and enthusiasm as she grabbed a toothpick and began scribbling on the cutting board with it.  Shortly after, she took a marshmallow and...

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Living on a Prayer

bon jovi

While cooking dinner one night, I started singing the oh so famous guitar riff from Living on a Prayer.  Maliya instantly stopped playing and asked "what's that song, Mommy?"  Maybe because I was singing like a crazy lady and she thought I had gone mad.  I told her it was a song by Bon Jovi, then played it for her.  We danced around the kitchen singing "owa owa, owa owa..." (That's the sound of the electric guitar incase you couldn't tell)  At this point, she realized I was playing the song off youtube and asked to see the video.  The...

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Gingerbread Girl


This year we decided not to give M. a Christmas gift.  What kind of parents are we?!  With her birthday being nine days after Christmas, she is showered with presents and gifts so this year I put effort into our advent calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas, M. opened a book.  Well, almost everyday, some days we forgot, other days she wasn't interested.  Some books were new, some thrifted and some right off her bookshelf, shhh, don't tell her.  Last night we skipped the book opening and baked gingerbread.  To say she was excited was an understatement.  She pretty...

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Manuscript Consultation

mark leiren young

I had the amazing opportunity of having a one on one consultation with award winning author, playwright, journalist and educator, Mark Leiren-Young.  Back in September, I had the urge to write and document life as it unfolded.  Creative writing is something I haven't done since high school, but I welcomed the challenge.  Mark is this year's writer in residence for the City of Richmond and one of the programs offered during his residency was a one on one consultation.  Anyone who was interested in this opportunity could submit a manuscript with a maximum of 2,500 words to be entered in...

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No One

alicia keys

This past month, there has been a little two year old voice in our house singing "No one, no one, no ooooooonnne.  Oh, oh, oh, oh...."  I'm an Alicia Keys fan and often join in when Maliya starts to belt this tune.  Some shyness seems to have fled as Maliya has sang this song at full volume in restaurants, while shopping and on the plane.  We recently had a spontaneous trip to Maui, and for the first three hours on the plane ride there, she sang, sang, sang, then suddenly grew quiet and fell asleep. (Finally.) No One talks about...

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Dear Lady at the Charlotte Diamond Concert

charlotte diamond concert

We took our daughter to the Charlotte Diamond concert today.  She's a huge fan and has been looking forward to seeing Charlotte again since we saw her show this past summer.  With Maliya enjoying the music, clapping and swaying along to the songs, Brian and I took the opportunity to tag team and get some errands done.  (The convenience of attending a concert in a mall.)  Now I'm not one to confront or write long rants, but while making a return at Best Buy, I got a text from my hubby saying that someone just stood right in front of...

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Sensory Workshop With Educators

ece mom

This past Tuesday evening, Alexis and I were joined by Early Childhood Educators and students as we explored sensory materials together.  I think we've started a tradition of playful selfies at our workshops.  The feature image was taken after our workshop with us hiding behind a mountain of shaving cream we created.  If you haven't used shaving cream purely for the sensory experience of massaging it through your hands, I highly recommend it. The evening began with a sit down seminar/discussion period where we brainstormed types of sensory play, barriers of offering sensory play in the classroom and solutions to...

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Pumpkin Patch


Somehow it's the last day of October and I haven't had a chance to write about our visit to the pumpkin patch this year.  We've visited Westham Farm the past three years.  It's quieter than others, and free!  With a little one, you never know how long they will last on an outing, or if they will be interested, so a free outing is always a bonus.  As a 2 year old, Maliya definitely had her own agenda this year, taking photos was not on it!  Trying to capture a moving toddler who refuses to stop for the camera was...

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