5 Activities With Chalk Markers

5 activities with chalk markers

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My girls absolutely love any and all art activities. Sometimes it’s difficult to find something that will keep both a six-year-old and a two-year-old engaged in a creative process. It’s even more difficult to find something they won’t fight over! I’m a fan of anything that can be open-ended with no right or wrong way to use the materials. The chalk markers by Chalkola have been keeping the girls busy for weeks! Here are five simple activities with chalk markers.

1) Drawing on Tiles
There are days I struggle to get the girls into the tub. They’re busy playing or just don’t want to get clean. These markers got them in the bath without a fight and kept them busy so I could wash, shampoo, and even get conditioner in. I love that the markers are non-toxic and water-based so no worries at all about it damaging surfaces, skin, or clothing. The girls had fun drawing, wiping, and drawing some more on the tiled walls.

2) Window Pictures
chalk markers
Drawing on windows was an after school activity. Seeing how bright the colours were and how easily they glided on the window, I couldn’t resist but join in.

chalkola markers
The colours are really bold. You can see the ink begin to fade as I reached the end of the word. For longer words and lines, you’d have to break your stroke to shake up the marker again. This would help with even distribution of colour.

3) Creations on Plastic Wrap
seran wrap art
I introduced drawing on plastic wrap so the girls could play with light, transparency, and drawing on both sides. This was a little more difficult for them, mostly because the surface had a bumpy texture to it. They only drew for a short time before making it a NICU bed for the owl.

4) Drawing on Tin Foil
toddler activity

family finger
The girls absolutely loved creating on the tin foil. It was a smooth, shiny surface that allowed them to mix and blend the colours. They actually did a whole page of dots and I didn’t have to worry about the markers getting ruined because the pressure from the dots actually allowed more ink to flow from the markers. Of course my little one discovered that she could draw on herself.

5) Chalk Markers on Canvas
chalk marker on canvas
When the markers are well shaken and ink is brought to the tip, they function quite well as paint. The colours remained vibrant on the canvas and didn’t bleed at all. My six-year-old required a studio set-up, using the back of a chair to create an easel. Her completed canvas now hangs above our fireplace.

Overall, these are great makers that I’d give a 4/5 rating.

– Water-based and non-toxic
– Very vibrant and bold colours
– Can be used on a variety of surfaces
– Clean-up is easy. We easily cleaned from wood, glass, tile, skin, and clothing. (No stains!)
– Comes in a variety of colours. We explored with neon, earth tones, and metallic markers.

– It does take some effort to get the pens working initially. My six-year-old got tired from trying to get the markers going. The pens will require an adult to start them, especially with multiple colours in the pack.

I’d definitely recommend the chalk markers by Chalkola for home or classroom use. It’s suitable for all ages and I had just as much fun using these as my daughters did. Use discount code 15OFFINF to received 15% off your Chalkola purchase from Amazon.

5 activities with chalk markers